I was happy to spend this past Saturday with David and Danielle.  I will be shooting their wedding this fall, so this was a perfect chance to work together before the big day as well as have some fun at the park!  Thanks for making my day so much fun and I’m looking forward to your wedding!


The weather outside may have been less than beautiful but inside the church, it was a beautiful, wonderful wedding day for Jenn and Bryan.

Thank you two so much for letting me be a part of your day.

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It’s almost Spring!  Ok, so it’s cold and a little snowy outside, but it’s April, so Spring has to be close.  I’m choosing to celebrate with a giveaway. I will be holding a random drawing for a free one hour photo session to be scheduled at your convenience.

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I love weddings.  And it’s even better when I get to be part of a wedding like Greg and Rachel’s.  This day was everything you would hope for a wedding to be….beautiful, intimate, loving, and fun.  A wonderful day and a wonderful couple!

Being invited to be part of a couple’s wedding day is always special.  When I get to watch the bride walk down the aisle and see the look of love and joy on the groom’s face, there may be no better moment.  As a photographer, I get to spend time alone with the bride and groom while the rest of the guests and wedding party are talking or eating.  This is always when I get my best feeling of how this couple truly feels.  Spending the day with Alison and Vincent was a joy.  The love between these two is so clear and substantial.  Their ceremony was meaningful and poignant.  I have to confess, I did tear up a few times during the ceremony, the toasts and even the father-daughter dance.  Thank you so much for letting me share your day!

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It’s what every mother wants.  The perfect picture of her children.  Clean faces with beautiful peaceful smiles.  Gorgeous coordinating outfits.  Scenic location or perfect background.  We prepare for days or weeks, carefully planning out the day to get the exact time that all the kids will be in the perfect cooperative mood.  Everything we can control has been controlled.  The one thing we can’t control?  The kids.  Without fail, everytime I’ve tried to do pictures of my kids, someone is having a bad day.  Someone falls and has a facial bruise or cut. 

This picture is not of three siblings, but of three cousins.  I love this picture because it shows how a kid picture normally turns out. 

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