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This little guy was awesome and his parents were great to work with as well.  We had such a good time at the park this morning and picking out just a couple things to show off was really the hardest part of this shoot!


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Congratulations to Chad and Becky on the soon to arrive little one!

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It’s what every mother wants.  The perfect picture of her children.  Clean faces with beautiful peaceful smiles.  Gorgeous coordinating outfits.  Scenic location or perfect background.  We prepare for days or weeks, carefully planning out the day to get the exact time that all the kids will be in the perfect cooperative mood.  Everything we can control has been controlled.  The one thing we can’t control?  The kids.  Without fail, everytime I’ve tried to do pictures of my kids, someone is having a bad day.  Someone falls and has a facial bruise or cut. 

This picture is not of three siblings, but of three cousins.  I love this picture because it shows how a kid picture normally turns out. 

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The Martin cousins

These cousins could not be any cuter. Thanks Seth and Jill for giving me the chance to spend some time with your beautiful girls.

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A logo (Work in Progress)

My son is a genius….no bias, of course.  He has developed an interest in graphic design and during our discussions of what a graphic design career would entail, he decided that his first official “job” should be to design a logo for me.  He very carefully sketched out his ideas and tonight he continued working on the design.  He works completely in Paint.  (Told you, genius!) 





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Snow days

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Andrew and Aaron

This was possibly one of my favorite shoots ever.  Andrew and Aaron are such fun little guys and their parents are just a joy.  There is so much love and fun in this family.  I really think personalities come through in these pictures.

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